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Smart Investments

Smart Investments

Smart Investments

As 401(k) advisors, we have ample experience and training to assist our clients in making smart investment decisions. We develop investment strategies that work toward our clients' obligations and implement programs that increase our clients chances of having a financially comfortable retirement. 

401(k) advisors should regularly perform reviews of:

  • Investment managers
  • The plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • The investment menu
  • The Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA), if any
  • Recordkeeping platforms
  • Fee disclosure (including negotiating for lower fees when an employer is paying too much)

As part of the investment monitoring process, a 401(k) advisor works with and guides an employer’s investment committee -- employees who ultimately decide on the plan’s investments.

As a wealth management firm with 401(k) advisors, we focus on protecting and maximizing our clients’ retirement savings while offering simplified investment options that minimize plan costs and provide fee transparency, with the continued goal of increasing retirement outcomes for your employees.